Sustainable Weddings and How You Can Host One

April 29, 2021


Sustainable Weddings By Design

Herrington on the Bay is a leader in environmentally sustainable practices. As sustainability has increasingly become a global focal point, more and more couples are curious about how to make their weddings ecologically responsible. There are several ways to host an environmentally conscious wedding — complete with custom menus, festive drinks, creative desserts, and an exquisite atmosphere. We'll tell you how.

Choose an ecologically responsible menu.

Our renowned Chef — Dane Wilfong — and culinary team offer an authentic farm-to-table dining experience. By working closely with local farms, we champion ecological mindfulness with our meals. Our team always incorporates fresh, locally sourced food into every aspect of our menu. And for people like us, every detail matters — like reducing food waste when feeding ourselves and our guests — but not despite the big picture. 

With that big picture close to Herrington's heart, we execute on the small details while delivering wedding experiences rooted deeply in the local land and water ecosystems surrounding our venue.

Source food and beverages directly from local farms.

Fact: using local ingredients is a great way to actively and intentionally grow our communities and preserve our planet. We love our communities and our ecology and owe our livelihood and joy to them. Using locally sourced ingredients, we know that we actively reduce our carbon shipping footprint, reduce our waste, and support the local agricultural community. Even the smallest weddings are connected to the local land that provides for us.

Focus on in-season dining options.

Seasonal ingredients are an excellent way to ensure that your wedding connects meaningfully to the ecology that surrounds it. We guarantee that our ingredients are trustworthy, locally grown, in season, and organic. We do this through our partnerships with local farmers and by committing to a symbiotic relationship with our surrounding environment. The intimate relationship between local farmers and our Chef means that all of our meals are genuinely connected with the local land and waters.

Eliminate disposables

Another fact: an ecologically responsible wedding strives to reduce and eliminate waste. Author and environmental management expert, Kate Harrison, writes in her book The Green Bride Guide that the average wedding produces 400 pounds of trash and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. That's a LOT of waste. Fortunately, Herrington on the Bay considers our environmental bottom line and designs all events to minimize waste and maximize reuse, recycling, and composting.

Choose a venue that inspires you with its beauty.

The area surrounding Herrington on the Bay is renowned for its beauty and exposure to nature. The Bay is highly biodiverse and offers not only sustenance but exquisite natural beauty — and for us, a variety of locations around the bay for your wedding. Every event we host, be it a wedding or otherwise, honors our relationship with the life that surrounds us. From decor choices to florals, drinks, and food, this ecologically interconnected relationship is essential to the hearth and heartbeat of Herrington on the Bay.

Interested in hosting an environmentally conscious event? Email us at to chat details. 

Herrington on the Bay is proud to source from these local farms.

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company  

Dodon Vineyards

En-Tice-ment Farms

High County Creamery

Madhouse Oysters

Meat Crafters

Progressive Farms

Red Top Farms

Swann Farms


Honey's Harvest

Frank’s Produce Co-Op - Elkridge

Rosetta Farms - Monkton

Border Springs Lamb - Patrick Springs

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Sustainable Weddings and How You Can Host One

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