Minimizing Food Waste & Feeding the Herrington Community

August 9, 2017


Collecting the compostable but inedible food scraps from the weekend’s events and transporting to Honey’s Harvest Farm is Monday’s task for minimizing food waste.

Compost being created at Honey’s Harvest Farm using scraps from Herrington on the Bay.


Everyone eats well at Herrington on the Bay! Collaborative dining means using our food wisely. The chefs prepare unserved food from the previous weekend for the entire staff of the Herrington Harbour South Marina Resort. This food is enjoyed by everyone from the office team to the landscaping crew.

The Herrington Harbour Marina and Herrington on the Bay staff enjoying lunch prepared by our chefs.


Recently, Herrington has partnered with MEANS, a “food recovery system.” Using their database, Chef Jenn posts on their platform when we have excess food that we would like to donate. Different local groups accept our offer online and come to us to pick up the food or we delivery to local food pantries.

Chef Jen donating food from Herrington on the Bay to the staff from MEANS.

Zucchini and squash being donated from Honey’s Harvest Farm to Saint James Church in Lothian, Maryland. Another drop off was made at Bayside Baptist Ministries the week before.


The chefs prepare food for upcoming events and save any inedible parts of the food that can be composted at Honey’s Harvest Farm. The collection includes unusable parts from produce, fruit and vegetable trimmings, eggshells, and coffee grounds.

This unusable organic waste goes into green bins and 5 gallon buckets that are then sealed and set outside for the Monday morning pick-up which is taken to Honey’s Harvest Farm for composting.

Bins that Herrington on the Bay uses to collect food to be made into compost at Honey’s.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Herrington on the Bay believes in staff health and wellbeing. One of the ways we help energize and fortify our staff is by feeding them with our wholesome, homemade, and delicious cuisine.

Staff from Herrington on the Bay sharing a meal together after a successful picnic.

As these processes become a seamless part of our culture at Herrington on the Bay, we are able to seek out more opportunities for conscious environmental presence. This way of existing inspires sustainable decisions and reinforces our commitments to ourselves, our neighbors, nature, and the Chesapeake Bay.

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Minimizing Food Waste & Feeding the Herrington Community

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