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Stay safe, eat well.

Take a break from your cooking responsibilities and allow us to take the lead. All meals are prepared in our state of the art, commercial catering kitchen with all of the additional, current health department procedures.  

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Have questions? You can email: info@herringtononthebay.com


“We totally enjoyed our meal from you. The salad was great! So fresh and loved the vinaigrette. The chicken curry was very, very good! Portion size was very good. Enough for another meal. Will definitely order again and will recommend to friends and coworkers. Can’t wait to see what is on for next week. It’s a great deal!! Thanks so much!”   

- Sheree Harvey

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING from start to finish! We just celebrated our wedding at this spectacular venue. More spectacular, was the professionalism, service, attitude, helpfulness, and planning demonstrated by the staff at Herrington.”

- Karine and Jeremy

“Herrington helped us plan the most perfect day of our lives and during the wedding they were present and extremely helpful throughout the entire night! They are so organized, efficient, and helpful when it comes to anything about weddings!”

- Jill and Zach