Weekday Weddings in the New Normal

September 21, 2020


So, what about weekday weddings? 

As the country settles into its new normal, engaged couples are also acclimating to the cultural changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many weddings canceled during the first half of 2020, many couples were forced to reschedule their events, some postponing until 2021. We’re all navigating these changes with as much grace and preparation as possible, but when great minds think alike, it means that options become limited. 

Questions about social distancing, vendor selection, and venue availability are now a part of the wedding planning vocabulary. Luckily, it’s not as scary as it sounds! Here, at Herrington on the Bay, we’ve addressed those questions with care and concern for couples who are in your shoes. We’ve implemented improved methods of safety, sanitation, and customer service to make your celebration safe and enjoyable. And we also thought — have you ever considered a weekday wedding? What about a Friday or Sunday wedding?

Here are a few reasons why a weekday wedding at Herrington on the Bay might work for you:

Venue Availability

As mentioned earlier, couples around the country, like you, are rescheduling their weddings. And with so much competition for weekend availability, options have become more limited. But that’s okay! Remember, this is the new normal — so let’s create a new tradition. 

Weekday weddings are no less elegant or distinctive than weekend ones. Herrington on the Bay boasts some of the best views of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and a sunset on Tuesday is just as beautiful as one on Saturday.  A weekday wedding at Herrington may even offer a more intimate and private wedding experience by avoiding the weekend crowd. Plus, we offer incredible sales incentives and discounts on our venue rentals and other amenities here on the resort. So, if you’re eager to have your ceremony before the year ends, we have plenty of weekday availability to host your same dream wedding on a different date. 

Guest Availability

Many people, including your guests, are working from home with flexible schedules due to changes in workload and event cancellations as a result of travel restrictions. With that in mind, it might mean that your guests are more likely to attend a weekday wedding because they’re more available. Part of the difficulty in planning a wedding, particularly during the summer, is that everyone is busy! But now is the perfect time to take advantage of everyone’s flexibility and plan your dream guest list. Plus, Herrington on the Bay’s outdoor wedding venues can comfortably accommodate socially-distant groups of all sizes, so feel free to invite that distant cousin or childhood friend that you might have left off of your original list. We’ve implemented several contactless sanitation devices, and our ServSafe certified staff is trained to keep you and your guests as safe and happy as possible. 

Vendor Selection Variety

Finding a hairstylist, make-up artist, photographer, and videographer is an integral part of the wedding planning process. And since you’re a couple that likes to do things in style, you want to book the best-of-the-best; you might be in luck!

We can guarantee that popular vendors will be more difficult to book during the weekend, especially those who work in the wedding industry. But securing the best of these options may be more likely during the week, particularly before Thursday. You might even find that rates are reduced during weekdays. There’s no need to compromise when all of your first-choice options are available and looking to work!  

Switch Things Up

We’ve all faced significant changes in our daily lives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but while those changes have been difficult to manage, we’ve found ways to adapt successfully. Let’s translate that spirit of adaptability into your wedding!

If you’re considering a weekday wedding, you may need to get creative about scheduling the events surrounding the ceremony. Instead of a traditional reception after the ceremony, host an elegant cocktail party beforehand so that your guests have time to trickle in after the end of their workday and enjoy a happy hour.  

Herrington on the Bay has fabulous, comfortable lodging options for guests who want to extend the party and stay overnight. Perhaps you and your fiancé could host a “sleepover” on the night before your ceremony with a small group or your wedding party! Play fun games, enjoy food and drinks, and bask in the joyous anticipation for your wedding day with a group of your closest family and friends.

In conclusion, weddings are life-long memories, and you should plan the wedding that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you’re adventurous, give a weekday wedding a shot. There are so many benefits, especially in the midst of global change. There’s no better time to abandon tradition and set the new standard. Plus, it would be pretty cool if you were the trendsetter. 

If you’re interested in booking a consultation for your wedding, contact us at 

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Weekday Weddings in the New Normal

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