What does a wedding coordinator do?

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What does the Wedding Coordinator do?


Each Herrington couple is assigned a Wedding Coordinator who works tirelessly behind the scenes in the weeks before and on the day of your event to make sure your vision becomes reality.

Your Event Coordinator will be assigned to your wedding approximately four months before your Big Day. The Coordinator and Designer will review all of the details of your event.

About 8 weeks before the wedding, the Coordinator will schedule a time for you to come in and review the details again. Our Coordinators work weekends and their job is largely hands-on with less office time. They’ve handled just about everything and will make sure no detail is overlooked.

1. Meeting With Wedding Coordinator (8 Weeks Before Wedding)

At this meeting, the wedding Coordinator will review all details of your event from the date and time to the phone number of the person that is responsible for packing up your gifts at the end of the night. You will leave the meeting feeling confident and reassured that your Coordinator shares your vision and has all of the information to bring it to life.

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2. Submitting Your Guest Count (3 Weeks Before Wedding)

The Coordinator will ask for your final guest count three weeks before the wedding. This information is crucial to the final planning stages of your event. Once we have it, a final invoice can be created, final linen & china orders can be placed, and the correct amount of event staff can be scheduled for your event.

3. Between Coordinator Meeting & Guest Count Deadline

Between your Event Coordinator Meeting and your final guest counts being due, your Event Coordinator is available to you for questions that come up. Keep in mind they have sporadic office hours, so if you need an immediate response, reach out to your Event Designer or call the Catering Office at 410-741-5101 to speak to any of our Wedding Experts.

4. Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Two weeks before your wedding, the Event Coordinator starts reviewing the details of your event with our entire Management Team. Your Event Designer, the Chefs, the Facility Maintenance Team, and the Director of Operations review every detail of your event to ensure all of Herrington on the Bay is aware of your vision and equipped to make it happen.

5. Week of Your Wedding

The week of your wedding, the Coordinator does a final review with all departments of Herrington on the Bay. The finest details from the number of forks you will need to the shape of the containers on your hors d’oeuvres display will be discussed.  The Coordinator will contact your other wedding vendors to confirm they have the correct, date, location, timing and details that they need to succeed at Herrington on the Bay.

The Coordinator will also complete over 10 different forms and checklists that we use internally to make sure we don’t miss a thing. The Coordinator “coordinates” between your vendors, our Chefs, the event staff, and the bartenders to make sure that everyone has all of the information and direction they need to seamlessly run your event.

6. The Day of Your Wedding

The Coordinator is in charge of the set-up of your wedding venue including the placement of the tables, color of the linen, temperature, lighting and cleanliness. This also includes your wedding ceremony site and all outdoor tables, seating and food stations. Down to lighting the fire pit!

The Coordinator will make sure the décor items that are able to be dropped off in advance like the table numbers, favors, place cards and decorative signs are carefully put in place as you directed.

7. Accommodating Guests

The Coordinator is responsible for all of your Event Staff from the person directing your guests where to park, to the person wiping down your ceremony chairs, to the person serving your Satellite bar! They are all reporting to the Coordinator and being directed and supervised by the Coordinator.

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8. The Food!

The Coordinator is responsible for your food service. Once our Chefs create your delicious food choices, the Coordinator makes sure there is a beautiful place to display the items for your guests and keep them hot or cold. They ensure that staff members are assigned to serve the food and that your guests know that it is available to them at the times that you discussed.

They also make sure the food displays stay stocked, well maintained, and after food service time that they are cleaned up swiftly.

If you chose a plated meal, your Event Coordinator will be the person “expediting” your meal, which means they will make sure the correct amount of plates go to each table and your guests with dietary restrictions and allergies gets the exact meals that you designated for them.

9. Keeping on Schedule

The Coordinator is in charge of your timeline. They will do their best to stick to the timeline you created. They will work with your vendors, especially the DJ, to guide guests to the next thing (from cocktails to dinner, from dinner to dancing, from dancing to cake cutting) all while coordinating with the photographers to make sure they are prepared to catch these special moments.

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10. The Cake!

When it’s time to cut your cake, your Coordinator will be there to guide you through the steps, cut your cake, and then direct the staff to serve the cake to your guests.

11. Ending the Evening

At the end of your event, the Coordinator will direct the staff to gather your décor and personal items that need to be taken that night to the front door area for easy removal. They will pack up the un-cut layers of your cake and wrap it up for you. They will scan the venue and give you every opportunity to remove the necessary items so that your cleaning deposit is fully refunded.

When necessary, they have and will assist guests in finding transportation to get them where they need to go.

Once your evening ends, the Coordinator and the event staff spend another few hours cleaning, reorganizing and preparing the event space and outdoor areas for the next day.

12. After the Wedding

After your Wedding, the Coordinator takes internal steps to make sure the paperwork is able to be completed and the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

For the final stages of your wedding planning and on the day of your event, rest assured that behind the scenes your Coordinator is working tirelessly to make sure that every system is in in place to create the wedding of your dreams!