It was a calm and peaceful Friday evening in April 2017, when Alice Romanelli walked down the aisle with a view of the love of her life and the beautiful, shimmering bay right behind him.

Alice’s groom, Mike Arnwine, shared with us special moments of their engagement story…

“The moment had arrived, everything was in place and I hadn’t raised any suspicion. I convinced Alice to take pictures of the view [at Skyline Drive], giving me time to get myself and the photographer into position. The photographer and I worked out a signal so that he’d know when I was ready propose to Alice. I cleared my throat twice and took a deep breath. I took Alice’s hand in mine and turned her to face me.

I told her that she made me feel as though I were on top of the world and that I wanted to feel that way forever. Alice studied my eyes trying to make sense of what was going on. Before she had time to figure it out, I pulled the ring from my back pocket and dropped to one knee. Alice’s bewilderment lasted a bit longer than I’d expected, but once she processed that I was asking her to be my wife, she enthusiastically said “yes.” We were frozen in time. Loving gazes and kisses followed. When the time was right, I told her, “see that guy with a camera over there? I hired him to take pictures of our proposal!

It was a moment I’ll never forget. Everything was perfect!”

Perfection followed our couple to their wedding day and reception as well; with a team from Herrington on the Bay and a continuous spark from Alice and Mike, their beautiful ceremony was just the beginning of an incredible night.

During The Arnwines’ reception, a Hawaiian lei exchange took place that included both sides of our couples’ family; leis represent love, respect, and the ability to acknowledge beauty in others. Honoring traditions of our couples is such a special part of wedding celebrations and we love to support these customs at Herrington on the Bay in any way that we can!

The night ended with Kahlua and Cream Cheesecakes, Mini Key Lime Pies, and a surprise fireworks show to go along with them. Nothing could have made this night sparkle any more than it did.