How to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress

October 10, 2018


How to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress

Lesly White from shares tips for beach brides shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress.

Choosing a wedding dress for a beach wedding is not as simple as it seems because the ceremony itself could vary from a huge formal event with many quests to a casual party with close friends only. Moreover, the place of celebration could move beyond a local beach.

Before you start your investigation looking through glossy magazines and Instagram, decide which style of a dress is flattering you, what price is the most preferable and, of course, think whether the dress you dream about totally fits your desires.

Our friends at have prepared a list of practical tips on how to choose the best wedding dress for your iconic and breathtaking ceremony on the beach.

Beach Wedding Gown

If you’re getting married on the beach, it doesn’t mean that you are short of options or must feel restricted in choices. Of course, ceremonies at the seaside totally differ from those traditional occasions in the churches, but you can choose any dress you like – gorgeous gowns with a train, sexy strapless dresses, tight fitting or mermaid cut. But don’t forget about comfort! You must feel relaxed in your wedding dress and move easily.

So, if you’re planning to exchange vows on a sandy beach and prefer to buy a dress with a train, make sure whether it’s not too long. Choose the shorter variants. That will help you to avoid picking up the dirt. Believe us, sand is not the only problem you could face.

Floaty dresses in bohemian style also work well for this purpose. They are practical, delicate and very feminine. These wedding gowns easily turn a bride into a princess worth admiration.

Beach Wedding Dress

Most beach wedding dresses of this style are made of breathable light fabric like chiffon or silk, which provide brides with an airy feel and effortless moving. In search of perfection and royal vibe, avoid pompous princess style wedding gowns as they could look out of place, bringing an undesirable feeling of heaviness.

Beach Wedding Dress

V-neckline gowns of sheath silhouette, slim shoulder straps and airy skirts create a perfect combination of elegance and lightness that is quite good for a ceremony in the sun. For more flowing look and ethereal feel you can go for dresses with embroidered lace bodice and flowing skirts.

You will be no less graceful and eye-catching if you prefer short wedding dresses with off-the-shoulder neckline and pencil skirts that allow moving easily and feeling cool on the hot summer days. Don’t ignore trendy two-piece ensembles, which bring a great flirty effect and accentuate the feminine silhouette without losing a romantic feel.

Bride on a Yacht

Maryland Yacht Club Wedding

The style, length and silhouette of your wedding dress depend on the location and surroundings. For instance, if you’re going to get married on the luxury yacht or in a cozy tent, then you could go for some other options. Organza mermaid wedding dresses are very elegant and attractive. Their flaring bottom is enough to help you to stand out among the rest. And what should be more beautiful than feeling like a mermaid among the endless sea?

Beaded tulle A-line gowns with delicate floral detailing could accentuate your beautiful neck and fabulous breast. Sheath dresses don’t have anything extremely eye-catching at the bottom, but their top parts always look impressive.

Simple Beach Wedding Dress

When it comes to the perfect length, we recommend two main options: tea length that allows showing off beautiful shoes and floor length that hides your shoes pretty well, so you can wear cozy informal sandals or a pair of flats and no one will see them! Avoid details that could be easily blown away by the wind. There’s always a light breeze at the seaside no matter how far your tent is from the sea line.

Not only white, but also light blue, pink, ecru, yellow dresses look astonishing against the sea. When you choose a dress, keep in mind that the way the fabric looks in the bridal boutique could differ from how it looks in natural light. Be sure you’re not mistaken with color before you make your choice.

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How to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress

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