Every Day is Earth Day at Herrington on the Bay

April 22, 2019


Maryland’s Premier Eco-Lifestyle Wedding Venue

Sustainability is a key pillar of Herrington on the Bay’s mission. Every day is earth day here. We put effort into our eco-friendly practices each and every day, striving to be a leader in the industry. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.

Herrington on the Bay, an Eco-Lifestyle Event Design and Catering company, offers an escape for special events and relaxing retreats. Herrington on the bay is known for its lusciously landscaped lawns with clear views of the Chesapeake Bay, miles of natural marshes inhabited by native wildlife, 600+ acres of preserved wooded walking trials, quaint waterfront Inn accommodations, private beaches, and phenomenal sunrises and sunsets. Herrington is the perfect “green” setting for all occasions!

Award Winning Environmentally-Friendly Location

Herrington on the Bay is located at the most environmentally sensitive and award winning marina, Herrington Harbour South in Rose Haven, Maryland. Herrington Harbour won the National Marine Manufacturers Association Boating Facilities Environmental Responsibility Award as well as Marina Dock Age magazine’s Marina of the Year and a Boating Industry Magazine award.

Surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, the eco-friendly practices of the marina are critical to Herrington on the Bay’s venue facilities. We work hand-in-hand with one another to keep the landscape and eco-system vibrant, healthy and beautiful.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Not much goes to waste at Herrington on the Bay. One of our longest standing eco-friendly practices is recycling. We participate in Anne Arundel County’s Recycling Program, making sure that products from our event and day-to-day business stay out of the environment.

In the office, we strive to produce as much digital communication materials as possible. But when we do need to print, we’re proud to use recycled copy paper and ink cartridges. Our “new” printer cartridges are purchased from Chesapeake Cartridge Company, which offers a remanufactured, 100% recycled
product which is produced in Annapolis.

No Styrofoam
We gave up styrofoam long before the widespread movement came along to abandon the product. At our waterfront venue, we encourage guests to use china – but if that’s not an option, we go for biodegradable and compostable options. Our catering business uses cornstarch-based plastic ware or biodegradable and/or recyclable plastic wares.

Culinary Vision

When food tastes this good, not much goes to waste. For weddings and events, we work hands-on with clients to make sure the menu fits their tastes, budget and event size.

But we do much more than that behind the scenes:

  • We source as much as possible from Maryland and regional farmers, watermen, and vendors who offer sustainably raised and harvested produce, beef, oysters, crabmeat, shrimp, fish and eggs. This supports local businesses and the environment – a win, win!
  • We bake all breads and desserts in-house with organic and natural ingredients.
  • Our chefs use organic herbs that are grown on-site or at Honey Harvest Farm and use them in our food preparation.
  • Even our beverages are sourced local when possible. We buy coffee from Chesapeake Roasters, a local, eco-friendly roaster. And source local wine and beer, and offer sustainable and organic options from outside the immediate region.
  • We offer reverse osmosis filtered water and proceeds benefit the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Feeding Our Community & Our Earth

It’s not just that we try and limit the amount of food waste from our catering business – we try and put unused or uneaten good food to good use too.

Collaborative Dining
Everyone eats well at Herrington on the Bay! Collaborative dining means using our food wisely. The chefs prepare unserved food from the previous weekend for the entire staff of the Herrington Harbour South Marina Resort. This food is enjoyed by everyone from the office team to the landscaping crew.

Food Recovery
Recently, Herrington has partnered with MEANS, a “food recovery system.” Using their database, our chefs post on the MEANS platform when we have excess food to donate. Local groups accept our offer online and come to us to pick up the food or we delivery to local food pantries.

The chefs prepare food for upcoming events and save any inedible parts of the food that can be composted at Honey’s Harvest Farm. The collection includes unusable parts from produce, fruit and vegetable trimmings, eggshells and coffee grounds.

This unusable organic waste, along with any food scraps and compostable dinnerware from our events, goes into green bins and 5 gallon buckets that are then sealed and set aside for the Monday morning pick-up, then taken to Honey’s Harvest Farm for composting.

The organic waste breaks down into soil enhancements that are applied at the farm and turned back into food for the local community and our culinary team.

An Eco-Lifestyle Mindset

Everything we do is with a mind to how it will impact the environment. When we recruits employees, we’re looking for individuals who support our eco-lifestyle vision.

We exclusively use Bay Safe™ citrus-based cleaning products in the catering business and at the Inn at Herrington Harbour.

Green Star Certified
Herrington on the Bay is one of two event facilities in Maryland to be Certified Green by the independent auditing firm Green Restaurant Association. Our venue is the highest rated with a three star rating. And the Inn at Herrington Harbour was Maryland’s First Green Lodging Travel Partners.

Every Day is Earth Day

We encourage you to make every day Earth Day and support businesses who have eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives. If you would like to learn more about Herrington on the Bay or take a tour of our facility, please contact us. And consider us for your next event – it will be more than a space – it will be partnership in protecting the Chesapeake Bay.


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Every Day is Earth Day at Herrington on the Bay

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