Planning an Outdoor Spring Wedding

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Planning an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time for an outdoor wedding, but you’ll want to think about the weather. The days can be warm but the nights will still be chilly. And in any season, there’s always a chance of rain.

At Herrington on the Bay, we’ll walk you through all of the details to pull off the perfect day. Here are some tips we have for making sure your outdoor spring wedding is a smash.

Rain Plans

The number one questions we get is “what if it rains?” Don’t worry. We have a plan for that!

Fortunately, most couples are able to get married outside. Rain in the mid-Atlantic tends to be intermittent and we can get your ceremony outside as planned. All of the chairs will be cleaned and dried prior to the ceremony.

Overcast skies often make for the best photos, so don’t worry if the sun isn’t shining bright. That just means less squinting for you and the wedding party.

If it is raining during your wedding ceremony schedule, we will move you indoors. Our rain plans have full accommodations for your event.

And we have yet to see rain on a wedding day be a sign of bad luck. In fact, some of our favorite wedding photos are from rainy day weddings.

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Parking & Transportation

We understand that you want your guests to be comfortable in any weather situation. We have onsite parking for both of our wedding venue locations. You may consider assigning escorts to help your guests — especially older ones or disabled guests — get from the parking area to the wedding ceremony and reception sites.

Wind Swept

We get lovely breezes along the Chesapeake Bay, so you’ll want to think about that when you’re planning your hair and attire.

Be sure to consult with your hair stylist so that they understand your wedding will be outdoors and there may be some wind. Lightweight dresses will flow in the breeze so keep that in mind as well.

You may also want to plan on having a basked for your programs during the outdoor ceremony or weighting them if you’re placing them on individual chairs so that they don’t blow away.

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Communicate with Your Guests

Make sure your wedding invitation suite tells your guests that you’re having an outdoor wedding. This way, they can plan accordingly for weather.

It’s not a bad idea to also have a stash of umbrellas on hand for guests (and your wedding party). You may also consider having blankets and throws available to keep people warm if they want to enjoy the views outdoors during the reception.

Be Flexible

“Plans rarely stay the same. Be stubborn about the vision, but flexible with your plan.” – John C. Maxwell

At Herrington, we’re prepared for the unexpected. Our staff will worry about the details of your wedding so you can focus on the celebration. No matter what, rest assured that we will be there for you.

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