Herrington is 3 Star, Certified Green Restaurant

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Herrington is Maryland’s Only 3 Star Certified Green Event Facility


Only two event facilities in Maryland are Certified Green by the independent auditing firm Green Restaurant Association. Herrington on the Bay is proud to be the highest rated of these two venues with a three star rating.

Founded in 1990, the Green Restaurant Association works to help the restaurant industry reduce its impact on the environment. The GRA founded the green restaurant movement and is one of the pioneering founders of the green business movement as well.

GRA developed environmental guidelines, Certification standards, and a system to make the process of change both efficient and rewarding for restaurant management and employees. These guidelines, standards and philosophies became the cornerstone of the organization, and with time have continued to grow.

Herrington on the Bay Green Certified Since 2010

Learn more about our green certification at dinegreenco.com