This past summer, we lost a chef with a passion for food, people, and Herrington on the Bay that is incomparable. Executive Pastry Chef and Baker, Tom McReynolds was a strong man who worked hard and with love, every moment he spent at Herrington. Below, our staff share some of their favorite stories from their times with Tom:

“Chef Tom took care of my boys like they were his own grandchildren. He had the church ladies knit us a baby blanket when we had our first son Lucas, and then would buy the boys coins to start a coin collection. He would buy them specialty coins, coins from their birth years, and coins he thought would be worth something when they got older. Lucas loved coming to mommy’s work to see “Mr. Tom” and eat his famous crumb cake.”
—Brittany Bergendahl, Event Designer

“…his “Big Fish” stories, Chef Tom loved to fish.”
—Jordyn Callahan, Event Coordinator

“Tom and I go back a very long time. When I was a poor college student commuting to Herrington from Salisbury every weekend, Tom would slip me a $10 bill for gas money. As time went by, Tom taught me some of the finer culinary skills (ahem…including the art of knife throwing), that I will use for the rest of my life – professionally or not. I spent a year baking with him. He taught me how to make the perfect scone. He taught me how to use an unprecedented amount of butter (but let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as too much butter). Over the years we shared more than recipes and cookbooks – We shared parts of our lives together. Tom loved my kids as if they were his own grandchildren. There are so many moments of my life that have included Tom and so many stories that I’ll keep for myself. He was a fantastic man that I will never forget. Cheers buddy! Until we meet again…”
—Dan Bergendahl, Previous Pastry Chef

“My favorite memory of Chef Tom is how he would always call me down for breakfast and chat about life lessons. He also taught me how to make the perfect over medium egg!”
—Brielle Woods, Event Designer

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Chef Tom McReynolds. Chef Tom was a friend, mentor, confidant, wedding expert, and ‘chef extraordinaire’. He was fair, funny, loyal, and overall just a really good person who prepared extraordinarily tasty food. One of his favorite things to tell our guests was, “We make our food from scratch, just like you would at home, just in larger quantities. It’s nothing fancy, just really good food made from fresh ingredients, with a lot of care”. He was the ‘grandfather of the Herrington kitchen; a source of comfort and wisdom for all who came to the kitchen and seeked him out. I always told him that when he retires, I’m retiring too, as it just would never be the same without him. Chef Tom skillfully taught our culinary team many of his tips and tricks of baking, pastry making, efficiency of production, and how to be a genuine friend. We are so blessed to have had 19 amazing years with this incredible man”.
—Anna Chaney, Owner

“Tom had a natural ability to connect with people. He made clients feel at ease while they were here. He truly enjoyed getting to know our clients, and often offered to make a special menu item or dessert just for the couple on their wedding day. Many invoices had, “compliments of Chef Tom” listed on them.

Tom loved his family and was especially proud of his son’s military career. He cared deeply for his coworkers, and one way he showed that is by making us delicious breakfasts and lunches. He would always make sure there was a vegetarian option for those of us who didn’t eat meat—and his vegetarian pizzas were the best! He was passionate about the success of Herrington on the Bay, and contributed his ideas and expertise whenever possible. He made everyone feel like they were part of the team, and he will be greatly missed.”
—Janice Loos, Event Designer

Chef Tom left Herrington on the Bay better than he found it, his absence will always be noted. We were lucky enough to get the time we had with Tom and we will continue to have his family in our thoughts.