Butternut Squash Soup

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Butternut Squash Soup


Trying to stay warm in this cooler weather? Warm up this winter season with a big cup of our butternut squash soup! The hardiness of the butternut squash paired with all the spices are sure to do the trick. It’s the perfect dish to serve for a night in with loved ones or to bring to a potluck dinner.

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Warm Things Up With Our Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

We love savoring the flavors of fall. One of our favorite recipes is Butternut Squash Soup. It’s simple, shareable, and delicious. Serve it as a starter or in shot glasses for an appetizer. You can dress it up with cream or toasted parmesan.

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Yield: 3 quarts


  • 3-lbs Butternut Squash Peeled and Chopped
  • 10-oz Sweet Potato Peeled and Chopped
  • 1-cup Spanish Onion Diced
  • ½-cup Celery Diced
  • 1-ea Leek Diced and Boiled
  • 1-tbl Garlic Minced
  • 3-tbls Olive Oil
  • 1-cup Chardonnay Wine
  • 3-qts Vegetable Stock
  • ¼-tsp Ground Coriander
  • ¼-tsp Ground Ginger
  • 1-tbl Ground Cumin
  • ½-tsp Curry Powder
  • 1-oz Honey


  1. In a medium sauce pot, heat the olive oil. Then add celery, onion, and leek. Sweet ingredients and add in garlic. Cook on low heat for additional minute.
  2. Turn on high heat and deglaze with white wine. Reduce wine by half and add in butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and vegetable stock.
  3. In separate pan add all spices and toast in oven for four minutes. Add to pot and continue to cook soup for 20-30 minutes until squash is tender.
  4. Remove from heat and using an immersion blender, purée soup till silky smooth. Add in honey and season with salt and pepper to taste. Pass soup through fine chinois.