Herrington Ever After

Every wedding is unique and special. The best part of our job is being a part of your special day. Check out the stories of our current couples for inspiration and photo ideas.

Brett + Lisa

Real Maryland Wedding

“Always a bridesmaid”, that was me! I knew from all of those experiences, the venue meant everything when it came to kicking off the planning. We were engaged and already knew we were going to get married at Herrington. We knew it the first time we were there and never even looked at another venue.

Herrington was where we wanted to start our married life together.

That part was easy, but little did I know that selecting Herrington would make every part of the planning process that much easier and way more fun!

We were engaged for 9 months and I took the planning one step at a time, with tons of help from Brett, our family and my maid of honor…oh and did I mention Mary and Lexy!!! I didn’t use many tools other than my spreadsheet and I selected amazing vendors, including our Florist and Cake vendors to whom we were introduced at the Herrington reception for their 2017 couples.

Honestly, my vendors were key and essential to our wedding dream come true.

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Justin + Jennifer

Maryland Wedding

Well lets be serious, Herrington is on a MARINA so of course we touched on the nautical theme a bit. But we also didn’t completely theme it out. We didn’t necessarily have set “wedding colors.” Just because we had navy and white linens with our nautical themed center pieces, it didn’t mean that the bridal party needed to be in all navy and white as well. The bridesmaids were in all different coordinating pastel colors and they looked great. Everything doesn’t have to match or have a theme, if you guys like something and it doesn’t necessarily fit the mold then just do it!!

Of course, we used Pinterest for inspiration HOWEVER, if it’s on there then that means it’s probably been done a hundred times. So put your own spin on it, make it yours and make sure you love it.

We had a lot of personal touches which made it so special to us. For example, every table’s centerpiece collection was a little different. Each table had a lantern and flower vase (made out of nautical rope) but then we added individual sailboats and lighthouses to personalize each table. We found each one at various antique and consignment shops, repainted them to spruce them up and then personalized each one. Our last name is Sirna, so we painted “S.S. Sirna” on the sailboats to make it our own. It was such a subtle little detail that the guests just loved.

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