A Paradise on Herrington’s only peninsula.

A hand-laid paver walkway, flanked by yellow coreopsis, date palms, black-eyed-Susans, and dark purple and lavender coneflowers, leads to a towering waterfall cascading into a lighted pool.

Stay at Herrington

This Lush Landscape…

…creates an exotic entrance to both the Polynesian Lawn to the west and the Paradise Ballroom to the east.

These Very Private Venues…

…surrounded by water on three sides, become a secluded destination within the resort for just you and your guests; where unique special memories will unfold…

“I truly do not think there is a more beautiful ceremony site in Maryland than the Polynesian Lawn. The setting makes you feel like you are in paradise. Our guests are still talking about how beautiful it was. The service provided by the Herrington staff is top-notch. When we sat down at our sweetheart table there was a display of all of the appetizers from the cocktail hour, a glass of champagne, a glass of our drink of choice, and also our signature drink. AMAZING! Every 10-15 min someone checked on us too. We were truly treated like royalty.”

– Amanda + Mike

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